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My Cuba Story

Now that Cuba has opened up to the public, it brought back an experience that happened early in my career as a Professional Travel Consultant. Never did I realize I would get involved with international politics.

My fondest memory is when I helped a mother and her young son escape from Cuba. She was in fear of her life as her husband had turned on her with his relationship with the Cuban military. Their young son was caught in the middle.

Dr. D., a very upscale doctor in Chicago contacted me and asked if I could help his family escape, of course I said I would try. It took six months to get this arranged and completed, as it was extremely complicated. We had a plan worked out to travel to Moscow, Russia via Canada on a round trip ticket, which I was able to do. They were only allowed a round trip ticket to a communist country and had to have this return ticket. I figured out a way to send them via Canada to make this happen...the son would "get lost" in the airport in Canada; the mother would call for help as the boy was lost, then ask for asylum!

They could have no contact with anyone in the United States for one year. The Canadian government had offered them a place to live and the mother was given a job.

On the 365th day, mother and son walked across the border into the USA and had a reunion with the Chicago doctor and his family. They are now American citizens living in our free world. (Of course this is the condensed version of how I arranged all this to happen successfully).

Personal story of Linda Schreiber, Owner.

Posted by: Starship Travel
April 29, 2017
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