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Norwegian Bliss Inaugural Sailing 2018
Inaugural Sailing of the Norwegian Bliss Los Angeles, California May 25-27, 2018 Linda and Karen   Over Memorial Day weekend, Linda and Kar...
Cuba Cruise 2017
Viking Sun Ocean Cruise Cuba November 23- December 1 2017   Thanksgiving day, Linda and Karen, along with Kimberly and Michael Weiss and Adele and ...
Mexico 2017- TMTC Summit
Our trip and theTMTC 2017 Summit Mexico 2017 October 22- 29, 2017           Starship Travel was invited to the Mark Travel...
Quick Wisconsin Getaway
Are you feeling burnt out?  Need to get away but you don’t have the time to travel to a faraway destination?  Then...
Alaska 2017!
ALASKA BY LAND MAY 21-26, 2017 Sponsored by Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and Celebrity Cruise Lines   Linda and Karen had the opportunity of meeting up with 60 Travel Agents from all over the coun...
New York 2017!
JUNE 3-6- ROSSANN’S GROUP TO NEW YORK CITY Times Square Theater Group.   It may be a surprise as I have been in the travel business for 31 years but I have ...
Scottsdale, Arizona MAST Conference
May 4-9 2017 Known as the "West's Most Western Town", Scottsdale is also referred to as the "desert version of Miami's South Beach" because of the chic and urban vibe of the d...
Viking River Cruise
March 2016 What a great time we had traveling from Paris to the Normandy Beaches, a dream trip.  This was emotional as our dad was in WWII, we always wanted to research further history of our dad.   The cruise wa... Click for more
Punta Cana FAM
The agents of Starship Travel are encouraged to travel to destinations we offer to our clients.  Our slogan “we sell what we know because we have been there’ is so true.  Karen took a familiarization trip to Pun... Click for more
Jamaica 2015
Wow, Starship Travel earned yet another award! Top 50 Travel Companies selling Jamaica in the world. The island is a short 4 hours away from Chicago.  There is so much to do in the area, not only a beach destinatio... Click for more
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