Multigenerational Travel

Are you looking to travel with the whole family?

This is a wonderful way to create long lasting photos and memories that will last forever. Starship Travel has the experience and deals to help you choose the perfect vaaction getaway. Here's somethings to keep in mind when you plan it out.

Get all the adults involved... The goal is to make it fun for the whole family. Some grandparents might not be up to or able to go on all excursions like their kids. Additionally, there needs to be other fun things for kids to do as well. This is a Multigenerational travel vacation so everyones feelings matter. You definitly don't want put it all together and people have a terrible time. Those type of things can break apart a family. Not to mention, it may be the first and/or last time this would happen.

Get travel insurance... When your are dealing with a larger group of people planning to go on vaction things do happen. Kids can get sick, adults can get sick, an emergency may arise, who knows. You should be as prepared as possible.

Next, make sure everyone has an itenerary... You may have planned and book this trip a year or more in advance. The small details can easily be forgotten. Who ever is spear heading this vacation, make sure everyone has their agents in advance and there's no confusion. Especially, when it comes to traveleling to and from your destination.

Lasty, Have fun...This is a time to kick back and enjoy your family. If it's possible don't bring your work on vaction with you AND don't spend all of your time on your phone unless you snapping photos to cherrish the moments.

If you need help planning or have any questions about Multigeneratioinal family travel let us know!
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