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Starship Travel Gives Back

Starship Travel loves to give back to our community, and the communities of all the places we are lucky enough to travel. Weve been fortunate enough to visit these beautiful countries, so we try to leave them better than when we came.

Feed my Starving Children-

Feed my Starving Children is an organization dedicated to bringing food to those who need it all around the world. Volunteers compete in teams to pack meals for undernourished children in more than 60 countries. We have participated in this fun event twice.

National Night Out-

This is a fun community event in South Elgin. It is the towns largest block party with music, dancing, and entertainment for the kids. Many South Elgin businesses participate in this event, and Starship was lucky enough to be one of them.

OKeefe Family McDonalds-

Starship Travel gave a donation to open the new OKeefe family McDonalds, and got to go to the Grand Opening in January.

St. Judes hospital-

While in Memphis, Tennessee for the MAST Conference, we got to participate in the St. Judes Hospital giveback that was hosted by MAST.

Halloween Trunk or Treat-

Starship participates annually in our communitys Halloween Trunk or Treating event. We decorate our cars, dress up, and pass out candy to the kids. This event is always so much fun.

Panama Christmas Party-

When we were in Panama, we had the opportunity to spend time in an orphanage. We went during Christmas time, and had an amazing time playing games, making balloons and eating pizza. The children were wonderful, and we had a blast.

Cabo painting soccer field-

Cancun painting a preschool-

While in Cancun in December, we were given the opportunity to paint a local preschool. This was a fun event, and Starship was lucky to participate. We especially loved meeting and talking with the local children who are affected.

Christmas shopping for Cancun orphanage-

While enjoying a vacation in Cancun, Starship went to a local store with a local driver to purchase Christmas gifts for the children in the orphanage nearby. We went in with $250, and came out with 12 bags stuffed with toys and gifts.

Funjet 500 Gold and Platinum House Fire-
This family lost their home and all their belongings in a house fire. While in Jamaica with Funjet, we provided clothing and donations to the family to help them get back on their feet.

Posted by: Starship Travel
July 30, 2019
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